6 Week Challenge Details

Welcome to the InspraFit 6 Week Challenge! The aim of this challenge is to improve your running ability. Every session during this challenge will work on a range of components essential for running. These will include, balance, stability, strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic fitness and much more! The Winner of the challenge is the person with the most points and gets to choose 2 of the prizes from the prize pool.

How to Earn Points

1. Refer a Friend ..... {100 points}

Earn 100 points for you AND your friend to kickstart your score!

2. Weekly Points ..... {Up to 300 points p/w}

1. Come to Bootcamp ….. {100 points per session}

Maximum of 300 points per week. Prue will take a photo a photo at bootcamp and post it to the 6 Week Challenge facebook group. This helps record attendance accurately.

Unable to attend?

If you are unable to attend bootcamp simply complete one of the following workouts and post a photo (that implies completion) to the 6 Week Challenge facebook group.


3. Overall Points ..... {Up to 3100 points}


Improvement in at least 4 categories

1. Knee to wall (cm)
2. Balance (reps)
3. Stadium run (mins)
4. Body Fat%
5. Holds (push up, box plank, lunge) (secs)

500 points

Biggest improvement in stadium run


1st 800 points
2nd 600 points
3rd 400 points

Fastest in stadium run time


1st 800 points
2nd 600 points
3rd 400 points

Biggest improvement in body fat %


1st 800 points
2nd 600 points
3rd 400 points

Achieve 5 reps each side for balance
BONUS 200 points






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